GEFA 360 Podcast

Episode 1: Join Brent Melhorn, Brian Rodgers, and Jim Simerson as they give u an all access pass to the Great Eastern Football Association

Episode 2: Episode 2 of GEFA 360… the guys take phone calls and answer questions from Nick Parlanti, Jon Stuffick, and Thor Marlow.

Episode 3: Join Jim Simerson and Brent Melhorn as they give you up to date news and interviews from around the league. This week’s episode we interviewed DeJuan Santana of the Steel City Stampede, Xavier Warner of the Williamsport Wildcats, and HC of the Reading Raptors, Arthur Walsh.

Episode 4: Brent Melhorn and James Simerson take a look at the Benton Maniacs for a special episode of Maniacs 360 with guests Charles Franklin, John Vanbuskirk Jr., and HC Ziggy Wisniewski.

Episode 5: Brent Melhorn and James Simerson take a look at Jags 360 with guests, Garrett Timko, Mike Duke, and Dave Rotsch.

Episode 6: Jim Simerson and Guest Host Thor Marlow take a look at the Williamsport Wildcats with guests Jay Adderly, James Wyatt, and Scott Beaghley.