What’s New?

V2.0 — 12/31/2016

Two months ago, the new GEFA site was finally launched and it appears to be a big hit so far. At the current time of publishing this article, we have hit over 18,200 visitors in under two months! A little further digging shows that people from all over the US and even in other countries all over the world have been visiting our site; even the Russians! That is a lot of traffic, especially for being such a small organization out of Pennsylvania.

With that being said, there have been quite a few changes/updates over the last two months. Here is a run through of what has been updated/changed:

  • bottom of the home page has received a new section containing GEFA All Time Records, History (N/A at this time), Keystone Bowl History, and Hall of Fame
  • social media share links for Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus have been added to all pages to make it easier than ever to share the site with as many people as possible on your favorite social media platform
  • social media links added to bottom of the site
  • team pages have been updated and they each now include:
    • team picture (if available)
    • links to any team sites or social media pages
    • team history through the years (info can be submitted to Support  if missing from your team page)
    • team schedule that can now be downloaded to your iPhone or Android for just your team or all teams
    • home field address with map
    • players roster, staff with contact information, and conference standings
  • schedule tab now has a dropdown for past seasons with schedules and results (8 seasons collected so far. as much information as possible was salvaged from the old site to compile this information)
  • meeting minutes for 2016 and 3 other years have been added 
  • owner credentials to login and view Members only pages have been completed and if you have submitted team info, you should have received an email with your username and instructions to reset password (make sure to check Junk/Spam folder in case you do not see your message)
    • Once logged in, it is highly recommended to turn on 2-Step Verification for security purposes

V1.0 – 11/01/2016


After a long, overdue makeover, the new website is finally here! Phase 1 of the new site is here. With a new URL, you will find that the new site contains most of the same material as the old one, except in a more updated look with some new added features. This site took a LOT of hours to build from the ground up, and proved extremely trying at times with very limited resources. Regardless, most of the site is up and functioning and ready to go live! Please note, there are some things still missing and this information will be corrected quickly as time passes. This article will cover all the new areas of the site and any potential missing information you may see. 

Team Profiles

Team Profile
Team Profile

Most team profiles will be colored coded to the team colors and a ‘Visit Site‘ button will be visible on team profiles that have either a FaceBook page or team URL of their own and will be linked to that page or site. On the team profile page, you will see:

  • team info on ownership and coaches
  • current standings of that team in their respective division
  • list of players currently rostered for that team

Some teams do not have a FaceBook page or URL so that is why a Visit Site button will not be available. If you do have one, and it is missing, please contact us via the Contact Us page. Additionally,  if you do not have a team photo for your team profile page, please submit one to be included. 

Team Profile 2
Player List

The player list contains all rostered individuals for that season and their respective playing position. The list is filtered by jersey number and only 10 players are shown at a time. You can click any player to view their profile. 

Player Profiles

Each player listed on the new GEFA football website will have their own profile page. These player profile pages contain:

  • players position(s)
  • current team
  • past team(s)
  • current conference
  • season(s)
Player Profile
Player Profile

Each player profile will also show the statistics for each year and each team they played for while they were in the GEFA. Unfortunately, all individual stats for previous GEFA years (prior to 2017 season)  have not been added to player profiles. IF you do see any, it is because of stat leaders. This is an extremely overwhelming  and very meticulous process with over 100,000 different data points and entries for each given GEFA season. Hopefully there is a way to figure this information out in the future and input this into the new system, however, there is not a feasible way to do this at this given time. 

Game Statistics Prior to 2017 Season

As mentioned above, statistics is going to be a challenging area to display statistics prior to this season. Fortunately, however, statistics for the prior season, have been added to the new site. As of right now, only the 2016 season game statistics have been added. As time goes in, the plan is to incorporate as many game statistics as possible and to hopefully archive them within this new website.

Previous Game Stats

All games are listed on a single page as a dropdown menu item under Schedule. You can click on each individual game and a new tab will open and allow you to preview the document via DropBox preview. Games have been color coded to make it easier to read the statistics.

NOTE: If you click Schedule, this will display a page that has only a few playoff games listed from the 2016 playoffs. This was done to give everyone a feel of what each game overview is expected to look like starting with the 2017 season. 

Stat Leaders

Stat Leaders
Stat Leaders

The stat leaders page is back and can now include new statistical categories for almost practically anything! When clicking on the page, you will see Mountain Conference listed first followed by the Valley conference. Each section currently shows the top 10 players for that category; up from the top 7 that was shown in each category on the old site. Currently, only the top three players in each category have statistics showing and stats for the last 4 will be uploaded and posted soon.

GEFA Top Players

Top Players

Another new section to the website is the GEFA top players. This is a list that gets voted on at the end of every year from various GEFA peers and votes get tallied up to determine who the GEFA thinks are best of the best athletes at those positions. As of right now, only 2016 list is added, but the previous year will be added as well in time. 



new feature being introduced to the new site is a members-only section. Users will not see a link to register any new accounts and there are no current plans to allow this in the future. Only team owners have access to this section of the website. By doing so, these users have access to the following restricted pages:

  • meeting minutes
  • new team prospects
  • presidents page
  • banned/suspended players
Restricted Pages
Restricted Pages

These pages will not be visible until you log into the website with your credentials. All team owners will be notified of their usernames, and links will be emailed out to set up passwords for these accounts once the process is ready. 

Contact Us

Contact Us
Contact Us

If you happen to see something missing and know where the content is, see a statistic discrepancy, are receiving an odd error when visiting a certain page or section of the website, or have a question in general, feel free to fill out the Contact Us page with all the required fields and the issue or question will be looked into as soon as possible.