Schuylkill County Predators


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Team History:

2014 (5-5)
2015 (5-5) Division Champions
2016 (3-7)

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Predators Coaching Staff

Justin McNultyHead Coach/Offensive Coordinator(570)
David ZelwalkSpecial Teams Coach
Ben KreigerSecondary Coach
Tyshawn CurryHead Coach (ass.)/Defensive Coordinator
Nicholas ZimmermanAssistant Offensive Coordinator

Predators Roster

00Brannon CloseCorner Back, Wide Receiver
1Matthew RiddickQuarterback, Corner Back, Wide Receiver
2Brandon McNultyWide Receiver, Tight End
3Carey BostickRunning Back, Linebacker
4Anthony AdesDefensive End, Kicker
5Chris LindemanCorner Back, Wide Receiver
6Traci WalkerRunning Back, Wide Receiver
7Jahaad BakerCorner Back, Safety
8Brian HarperDefensive End, Linebacker
10Charlie BresslerOffensive Tackle, Nose Tackle
11Pete McnultyWide Receiver, Defensive End, Kick Returner
12Mike BubeckQuarterback, Safety
13Joseph KlingerWide Receiver
14Edwin AntonettyCorner Back, Wide Receiver
15Joseph BeaufortCorner Back, Wide Receiver
16Joel WhalenWide Receiver
18Brian FaustCorner Back, Safety
19Lee GrimesTight End, Defensive End
21Eric ThompsonRunning Back, Linebacker
22Josh SchwalmCorner Back, Wide Receiver
23Anario ThompsonRunning Back, Linebacker
23Traver NoelDefensive Tackle, Linebacker
24Josh WillamsRunning Back, Defensive End, Full Back
25Quame CaldwellCorner Back, Wide Receiver
26Julio HuertasCorner Back, Wide Receiver
27Kenneth Frehafer IIIRunning Back, Defensive End
29Hasson HawkinsRunning Back, Corner Back
36Monty LashTight End, Full Back
39Lawrence BetheaOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle
47Ryan BastTight End, Defensive Tackle, Defensive End
55Mike Ansel JrCenter, Nose Tackle
62Mike Ansel lllOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle
67Justen AnthonyOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle
67Devon PostellCorner Back, Wide Receiver
78Bill WingleOffensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle
81Carl RansomeDefensive Tackle, Linebacker
82Timothy BastTight End, Linebacker
90John ShoupOffensive Tackle, Defensive Tackle
92Dalton FarinaWide Receiver, Linebacker
99Jasper McMichaelOffensive Tackle, Defensive End, Full Back

Valley Conference