Dubois Area Mt Lions


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Team History:

2011 (10-4) Mountain Conference Champions/Keystone Bowl Runner-Up
2012 (13-0) Division Champions/Mountain Conference Champions/Keystone Bowl Champions
2013 (8-4) Division Runner-Up/Mountain Conference Runner-Up
2014 (12-1) Division Champions/Mountain Conference Champions/Keystone Bowl Runner-Up
2015 (13-0) Division Champions/Mountain Conference Champions/Keystone Bowl Champions
2016 (9-1) Division Runner-Up/Mountain Conference Runner-Up

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Mt.Lions Coaching Staff

Mt. Lions Roster

00Tyler OsterhoutWide Receiver, Defensive Back
1Jason AllenLinebacker
3Kez GenevroWide Receiver
4Doug AdamsCorner Back
6Jim ThompsonCorner Back
7Jay TorresCorner Back, Wide Receiver
8Jaryd ServideaQuarterback
9Nick BrennenWide Receiver
10Eddie MilesCorner Back, Wide Receiver
11Jim GrevilleDefensive Back
12Justin MarshallWide Receiver, Linebacker
15Kyle BishQuarterback, Safety, Wide Receiver
18Mike KunesTight End
20Nick SipesRunning Back, Linebacker
24Brian TamburlinRunning Back
25Shawn NewpherLinebacker, Defensive Back
27Alec StarrRunning Back, Linebacker
30Cody BakerRunning Back
31Danson MwauraWide Receiver
33Ben ThompsonDefensive End, Linebacker
34Jesse ZorgerDefensive End
40Nate McHaleDefensive End
45Isiah MorganRunning Back
47Jon LiptakOffensive Guard
51Barry BrubakerCenter
52Drew CurleyOffensive Guard
54Brian ZembaOffensive Guard, Defensive Tackle, Defensive End
55Daniel SergeDefensive End
58Cody WeisnerDefensive End
62Garrett KernerOffensive Guard, Nose Tackle
63Spencer SmealDefensive Tackle
69Paul BullersOffensive Guard
75Aaron NicklasOffensive Guard
76Caleb HuestonOffensive Guard
78Rob FayDefensive Tackle
81Kyle BarrettDefensive End

Mt.Lions Coaching Staff

Mountain Conference