GEFA Weekly Predictions

Please remember that these predictions are meaningless, and are meant to be for entertainment purposes only. It looks like Mr. Predictor may have changed his name and it appears we have a tag team prediction for each game this year, which looks to give everyone two different views from what sounds like two very knowledgeable, well informed GEFA advocates. We will see if the name change allows for a better prediction record this year or if the new guy knows his stuff. Good luck to all teams this year!

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We are officially over the half way mark for the 2017 season, and here are how the predictions from Gabe Logan and Mr. Predictor add up thus far: 

Gabe Logan: Through 37 games this season, Gabe is sitting at 25-12 with a 68% accuracy rating.

Mr. Predictor: Through 24 games predicted this season, Mr. Predictor is 16-8 with a 67% accuracy rating.

It looks like both predictors have a record of being right half the time, so lets see if odds can turn in their favor for the second half of the season. 

Braves (2-3) VS Mt Lions (3-1)

Gabe Logan: Both teams come in ready to take on the 2nd half of their schedules. Braves started to pick up some momentum but lost last weekend in a tough game to the Comanche. The Braves are in the middle of the pack in the Mountain Conference and it looks like their offense is starting to come together. Defensively, they are going to be in for a battle against a Dubois team coming off their first loss last Saturday. The Lions offense struggled, and some costly turnovers and miscues turned into points. The Mt Lions and Braves are both teams that play outstandingly better when they are on the plus side of the turnover differential. Both teams utilize a power run game behind a mobile QB that can extend plays and pick up critical first downs when needed. This game is going to be a war and the Braves will need their special teams to create plays to help keep them in this game. I can’t see the Lions hanging their heads on a loss for long and are fuming to get back on the field. I think the Lions defense will win this game. They have been stifling opponents and that streak will continue.

Mt Lions 38 – Braves 12

Mr. Predictor: After suffering a heartbreaking loss at home this past week, Dubois looks to bounce back and travel to the Braves field in a much-needed bounce back game. The Braves also suffered a home loss last week and look to stay alive in the play-off hunt by upsetting the Mt. Lions. Braves sure know how to put up the points as well as Dubois, but Kyle Bish will have a big game to solidify this much-needed bounce back win for Dubois.

Dubois 52 – Braves 16

Jaguars (1-4) VS Phantoms (1-4)

Gabe Logan: What is there to say about this matchup? I’m a little disappointed in both teams after they showed a lot of promise to start the season and have both sunk to the bottom of the league in the past weeks. The Jaguars played their SuperBowl week 1 and after a win against a good Williamsport team, well, have looked like the team most people predicted that they would look like. A new team without much experience that will win a game, maybe two. At some point the Jaguars defense needs to understand they need to change drastically and start helping their offense win games. The Phantoms are in a similar boat. They open the season with a win and during the next few weeks, they load up on free agent signings which almost appeared to impact them negatively more than anything. After giving up 85 points last week, that is just unacceptable. Which leads me to try to pick one of these two teams to actually win this game. All in all at this point, both don’t have much to play for. The Flash and Vikings are starting to roll and the Braves are right there looking for a playoff spot. Either team could luck out and win here. But I think the Jaguars are the better team. I think they still have a chance to finish the season out on a high note and get ready to reload for 2018. The Phantoms, I’m just not sure what to make of this team right now. Loads of talent, but the offense has been terrible the past few weeks. At what point do the players there start to chatter for a change at the QB spot? Maybe it starts after this loss.

Jaguars 38 – Phantoms 18

Mr. Predictor: Last week was a tough week for both Phantoms and Jaguars after suffering blow out losses to fall to 1-4 between them both. The Phantoms only win this year was a squeak by win, while the Jaguars beat the same team that put up 80+ on the Phantoms. Downer and Jags definitely have the talent, but they just can’t get a win, however; that will not be the case this week as the Phantoms will fall to 1-5 on the season while the Jags rise to 2-4.

Jaguars 36 – Phantoms 28

Vikings (3-2) VS Wildcats (1-4)

Gabe Logan: This could be a very interesting game brewing at the Vikings Battlefield as the Wildcats come to town. After putting up 85 points last weekend (yes, I said 85) on the Phantoms, the Vikings have to be a little bit nervous. But in their own right, the Vikings have really stepped up to the plate and could have easily laid down and gave up on their season. They responded with two big wins that put them in the driver seat to a playoff spot. Williamsport is on the outside looking in, but with a win against the Vikings, they are right back in the mix. With a tough schedule ahead, the Wildcats absolutely cannot falter on the road. The most important part of their win last weekend was the Wildcat defense finally stepping up and doing their part. Holding the Phantoms to a respectable 20 point effort. Overall, the Vikings defense is very good. They are fast and fly around to the ball. They are giving up 30 points a game, but thanks to their offense, they are able to make plays when it counts to get wins. This game will come down to the wire and with a big win, the Wildcats rally and get themselves back in the mix.

Wildcats 41- Vikings 38

Mr. Predictor: 80+ points! I said last week that Shaffer needed to be a leader the entire game and Warner needed to channel his inner Megatron but damn, hope you guys at least used lube. You guys definitely listened to when I said it needed to be a statement game and you made your statement. The hosting Vikings kept their play-off hopes alive last week with a big win against the Predators. I don’t see the Wildcats making the play-offs this year, but I can see them spoiling the Vikings chances. Shaffer and Warner will continue the stat building while leaving Thor’s Vikings and his khakis at 3-3.

Wildcats 52 – Vikings 38

Flash (2-2) VS Tigers (1-2)

Gabe Logan: A staple rivalry of the GEFA, the Flash and Tigers have been battling since their first meeting in 2015. That game ended in a literal brawl. This year, the two teams meet and as out of conference rivals. The Flash have been solid the past month. They are currently improving and have a very favorable schedule down the stretch. The Tigers may only have 1 win to this point, but currently are sitting 5th in the Valley and have a bunch of athletes across the board that can make plays on both sides of the ball. With a young QB that is still progressing, and a fast, aggressive defense, the Tigers could present a problem to the Flash. But, like their 2015 meeting, the Flash are going to be physical at the point of attack for 4 quarters and the Tigers just were wearing down by the 3rd quarter. Which is exactly what I believe will happen again. This will be close till the end of the 3rd when the Flash start to pull away. Their size up front will be too much for the Tigers to handle.

Flash 31 – Tigers 18

Mr. Predictor: Every time I pick against the Flash, they win. This week I’m going to pick the Flash to win as I see them continuing their winning streak to keep their play-off hopes alive. The Tigers are a struggling team right now that isn’t too solid at QB. They rely heavy on the rushing attack while the Flash love defending the run. I really hate predicting blow out games because it’s so disrespectful but I’m sorry Tigers, I see it no other way.

Flash 48 – Tigers 6

Warriors (1-4) VS Predators (1-3)

Gabe Logan: Two teams on a down spin, both need to win here to have any kind of playoff hopes for the 2nd half of the season. The Warriors picked up a big win last weekend which should help team morale coming into this week. They have been playing better offensively the past few weeks and it’s good to see the players are hungry to get back to the field for this weekend’s game. Credit to them for continuing to battle uphill and to keep the Warriors 4 losses from really hurting the team. The Predators are a win away from being in the mix after a tough loss against the Vikings. Their opponents win-loss ratio through the first 5 weeks is a combined 13-5 which was a rough way to start their season and might be the toughest W/L that any team has opened with. This is a much better team than their record reflects to this point, which is why I’m sticking to my guns and Gabe Logan Accuracy with my picks and going with the Predators.

Predators 25 – Warriors 13

Mr. Predictor: The Predators only win this year came from a decent Comanche team while the Warriors only win this year came from the inconsistent Maniacs. The Warriors need Stockton to have a solid game in the air and on the ground for them to be able to win this game. This should be a good game and come down to the wire, but both teams will play their hearts out. I’m going to pick the Warriors to win this game but will not be shocked if the Predators squeeze one out.

Warriors 36 – Predators 33

Maniacs (1-2) VS Tomahawks (5-0)

Gabe Logan: The Maniacs really need to come ready to roll this weekend as they host the Tomahawks. The Maniacs faltered last weekend against the Warriors as their offense continues to struggle. The Tomahawks have had their own struggles offensively, but their defense and special teams have been among the league’s best the past month. They are generating pressure and have a secondary of ball hawks that are hitting their stride at the midway point of the season. The Maniacs are going to need balance offensively if they want to find any success against the Tomahawk defense. The ground and pound will be in full effect as Benton’s backfield looks like two linebackers running the ball. They feature some great athletes, but without a pass game, teams are loading up and can keep them in check. This is looking to be a very one sided matchup at this point. The Tomahawks will roll in this one.

Tomahawks 62 – Maniacs 13

Mr. Predictor: I’m not going to say last week was an upset win from the Tomahawks, but it was surprising that it wasn’t as close as one thought it would be. The Short-Killer B’s came through strong as usual, with a very strong showing from the defensive line. This week, the Mountain Conference leaders travel to face the Maniacs of Benton in what should be a decent showdown. Being a young team in Benton, I think they will come into the game with a lot of spunk. This will be a hard-hitting game to start, but will slow down after the half. Benton won’t stop that Mifflin County offense in this one.

Tomahawks 56 – Maniacs 13

Shock (3-2) VS Comanche (3-1)

Gabe Logan: The Shock and Comanche are currently both sitting at 3 wins with the 3rd and 4th seeds in the Valley Conference. This game is going to prove to be a statement game that both want to win. One team is going to come out as a contender and the other a fraud. The Shock rebounded after losing QB Josh Cragle, but then got jacked up by the Hitmen last week. The Comanche opened the season with a loss but have strung together 3 wins to put them right back in the mix of things. Their schedule doesn’t get any easier, with games against the Hitmen, Cyclones and Mt. Lions coming down the tail end of the year. For the Comanche, this is a critical game at a critical time because one of the teams could be on the outside looking in at the end of next month. The Shock seem to be on the verge of taking that next step but are not able to get over the hump of competing against some of the higher end teams in Valley. On paper this is a very even matchup, but I do question the quality of the Comanche wins as they have all come against sub .500 teams. This is going to be a very close game. But the Shock do just enough.

Shock 42 – Comanche 40

Mr. Predictor: This game I feel will make things very interesting for the #3 seed in the Valley if the Shock pulls away with a victory. I said this last week with the Wildcats so I’m saying it this week with the Shock. For the Shock to win, Cragle needs to be a leader the entire game while Lamoeaux comes out running hard. The Shock have the receivers to win, they just need to utilize them and lock down on defense. The Comanche secondary is very tough and this will be a tough task for the Shock, but I have them winning.

Shock 42 – Comanche 38

Hitmen (4-0) VS Cyclones (4-0)

Gabe Logan: This week’s feature presentation. 7pm kick off with undefeated records on the line. The Hitmen and Cyclones have both been on a tear which hypes this game up that much more. Cyclones are coming off a 66-6 thrashing of their “rival” Outlaws and the Hitmen took control against the Shock and never looked back. The Cyclones feature the league’s best defense giving up only 33 points through their first 4 games. At this point, if you score on them, you might as well keep that ball mounted in your trophy case. This Hitmen offense is averaging 56 points a game, so something has got to give this weekend. Both teams feature stand out QB’s and a stable of playmakers surrounding them both. Ellis and Flemming are arguably one of the top combos in the league to this point heading into the midway point of the season. Greg Medina is currently also on everyone’s radar as he continues his rampage, potentially on his way to another MVP. The key matchup in my mind is how the Hitmen are going to keep QB Brandon Ellis upright. Guylan Brown has been unstoppable up front along with Nose Todd George. Teams simply cannot block them and it shows on the score board. If Ellis has time, he should find success keeping the Hitmen in this game. They will also need to coach their defense against a QB who is able to make plays with his legs and arm. Medina seems to always make the right choice and pre-snap, has been elite at getting the Cyclone offense in a position to be successful every play. But after the Shock game, it’s hard to see this going in the Hitmen’s favor. The Cyclones just have too much depth at every position, and even if they can sustain drives, they won’t be able to keep the Cyclone offense from scoring.

Cyclones 55 – Hitmen 20

Mr. Predictor: This week we have the #1 seed Hitmen facing the #2 seed Cyclones. Now before the Cyclones get too mad, blame the guy in charge of the website. The Cyclones came out with a chip on their shoulder last week and pummeled the Outlaws while the Hitmen continued their winning streak by beating the shock. This battle of the Valley top spot looks to be a good, hard hitting game with defensive stops and big plays. The Cyclones will continue to have a chip on their shoulder as they will come away victorious against the hosting Hitmen. Medina knows how to win in big situations and this proves to be just that. His veteran leadership ability prevails.

Cyclones 60 – Hitmen 13

Braves (2-2) VS Comanche (2-1)

Gabe Logan: A very good cross conference game. Both teams are in similar situations, and a win here can shape the 2nd half of their season for better or worse. Braves are starting to hit their stride offensively with QB Jordan Thivierge making plays with his legs. This is going to give other players around him better chances to see 1 on 1 matchups. Braves are coming off a huge win against rival Williamsport. The Braves offense has come alive, putting up 54 points last weekend. The Comanche come into the game with a 2-1 record and cannot afford to lose this game with the Predators and Outlaws hot on their heels. With a win, the Comanche plant themselves in the playoff mix with the Shock and Hitmen. At the midway point for both teams, we will see who wins a dog fight of a game.

Braves 27 – Comanche 22

Mr. Predictor: The Braves came through big last week and missed the upset by beating the Wildcats in a shoot-out. This week, it’s a battle of the better Indian tribe, as the Comanche travel to take on the Braves. This should be a pretty good matchup and will be decided on the defensive side of the ball. Tyler Deiter will have a hay day against the weak offensive line for the Braves and will rack up 3-5 more sacks to secure his lead in the GEFA standings. In order for the Braves to stand a chance, they must get rid of the ball quickly. Comanche routes the Braves in this game.

Comanche 42 – Braves 12

Predators (1-2) VS Vikings (2-2)

Gabe Logan: Predators and Vikings are learning that wins do not come easy in the GEFA. Both teams are grasping to hold onto position in the Valley and Mountain and neither can afford to fall short. Thor’s Vikings went to Columbia County and took it to the Phantoms. They exposed the Phantoms secondary all night with big plays on the outside. The Predators have a set of WR’s offensively set to make plays and help the Predators bounce back into that win column this weekend. With an extra week to prep for this game, we can only anticipate McNulty will have plenty in store for the Vikings. These teams match up to this point very close, and turnovers and the extra prep time for the Predators will ultimately be the determining factor.

Predators 26 – Vikings 20

Mr. Predictor: After traveling and beating the Phantoms, the red hot #2 seed looks to continue the road wins as they travel to face the struggling Predators. The Predators have a pretty solid all around team, but unfortunately, they haven’t proven themselves to be elite yet. The Predator defense will struggle as they look to contain Scott and Breon. Between receiving and rushing, Breon has a total of 421 yards combined. If the Predators defense can’t stop him, then that total could go up drastically. I see Thor’s khakis and the Vikings taking it easy in the 4th quarter of this game, as they will roll over the Predators.

Vikings 54 – Predators 16

Jaguars (1-3) VS Flash (2-2)

Gabe Logan: The Jags might be the league’s most inconsistent team. Starting the season separating themselves from the pack in the Mountain and emerging as a potential playoff seed, only to have lost back to back games by a pretty lopsided margin. This just makes me question what the Jags will be at this point. Currently through four games, they have the 2nd worst defense in the entire league. The Flash on the other hand got their first taste of victory. QB Matt Mazzarra has the Flash offense putting points up, and against the Jaguars, I don’t see that stopping. The Flash front 3 took over against the Wildcats. The Jag’s are a little stouter up front, but that won’t change the fact that QB Blake Downer will be on the move often. Downer comes into the game leading the league in rushing. He can really gash the Flash defense if they give him chances to. But the problem is the Jags defense. They cannot stop anyone.

Flash 49 – Jaguars 40

Mr. Predictor: After week 1, I would say this matchup was probably on everybody’s radar. Unfortunately, injuries have caused both teams to struggle on both sides of the ball. The only advantage here in this situation is the Jaguars being able to sleep in a little bit later than the visiting Flash. Alvarez and Downer will beast the weak Flash secondary as those two could combine for 250+. The Jaguars are probably the best team in the league with a losing record from unfortunate circumstances. All the Jags need to do is stop Dodson on the one or two big plays he may have. If he’s held to under 5 yards a carry, then they win.

Jaguars 48 – Flash 21 

Wildcats (0-4) VS Phantoms (1-3)

Gabe Logan: I can’t really think of a more disappointing team right now than this Wildcats squad. At 0-4, they are all but eliminated from playoffs, a few weeks removed from being a lot of people’s picks to upset the Tomahawks for the Mountain conference this season. They have rode the hype into a hole that they desperately need to climb out of. Their defense is dead last, surrendering 209 points. The Phantoms sit not much better after coming off a loss at home to the Vikings. After struggling against the Vikings offense, the Wildcats could find success this weekend. I think the Phantoms can put together enough offensively and rely on a ground game that should have a lot of success against Williamsport. They have a solid mix of speed and power that should be a devastating combo. The pass game will only need to do just enough to convert and the rest can be left to the Phantoms defense to get after QB Andrew Shaffer and force him into making turnovers.

Phantoms 31 – Wildcats 18

Mr. Predictor: Brace yourselves! The Wildcats will pick up win #1 of the season. Adderly and Williams are going to do everything they can on the defensive side to make sure the Phantoms go home 1-4. Shaffer needs to be a leader the entire game and Warner needs to be Megatron. This is a statement game for the winless Wildcats. All playoff hopes are out the window if they lose this week. Chalil Smalls can only do so much, but not enough. Unfortunately, the Phantoms will give the Wildcats their first win in a thriller!

Wildcats 37 – Phantoms 33

Warriors (0-4) VS Maniacs (1-1)

Gabe Logan: With their season all but lost, the Warriors will play a Maniacs team searching for an identity. Opening their 2017 season with a win, the Maniacs looked completely out of sorts against Dubois. Scoring only 16 points in their first two games, they will look to muscle a Warriors defense that has been consistently abused this year. Even with 2 more games under their belts this season, the Warriors offense has not even come close to being productive. This will not be an offensive showcase by any means. Both teams though will be in a position to get their defense’s going. The Maniacs had a solid outing against the Phantoms. They held their ground on the back end, and stopped a very potent Phantoms backfield. They struggle terribly though with the offense’s inability to get the ball down field. The run game will keep them in games, but without any type of pass threat, realistically the Maniacs are going to be very one dimensional. This will not be a pretty game from either team.

Maniacs 16 – Warriors 13

Mr. Predictor: Unlike the previous game, we will still have a winless team at the conclusion of this game. Stockton is going to break down sooner or later and I foresee that happening during this game. Those Maniacs might only have 2 games under their belt but they are a better team than most people would like to believe. This game won’t have much excitement, but the Maniacs will go back to Benton happy, as I have them beating the Warriors.

Maniacs 42 – Warriors 36

Outlaws (1-2) VS Cyclones (3-0)

Gabe Logan: The Outlaws were finally able to piece together a solid team win putting them into the win column in the Valley Conference. The Cyclones have been watching, patiently waiting to get back on the field after two weeks off. It has been a very brutal start to the season, as the Outlaws have faced some of the best Valley teams. This week will be their biggest test this season as they square off against Mt Joy. The Cyclones come into this game with the league’s top defense; one that has play makers at every position. Their defensive line has been dominant and has single handedly took over games. The Cyclone offense is poised for another big day behind Greg Medina, who is putting together another stellar season. But I don’t think the Outlaws are going to back down from this challenge. They are going to continue to get better as the season progresses and have an offense that can score points. They need to first find an answer to block the Mt Joy front 3 and give their WR’s a chance to get open. At this point in the season, the Outlaws have been in a battle every week and I don’t think that will change against Mt Joy. I just don’t think they will be able to go up against them and survive 4 quarters.

Cyclones 62 – Outlaws 19

Mr. Predictor: Battle of Lancaster. Rivalry initiated! Will the #2 team show enough to make the jump to #1 after their matchup this week? Medina will struggle early, but will show his true leadership ability after the half as the Cyclone defense will secure the win in Outlaw country. Anybody can be beat any day of the week and the only way Outlaws win on Saturday is if they stop Medina. The Cyclones rely too much on their defense to win them games. I don’t see that changing much this week, as the defense will control yet another game for the Cyclones. Which one of the offensive players is buying the defense a steak dinner?

Cyclones 52 – Outlaws 6

Hitmen (3-0) VS Shock (3-1)

Gabe Logan: This is a Valley matchup with a lot on the line, as the Hitmen put their undefeated record on the line against the Shock. There are only 4 teams left with a perfect record, the Hitmen being one of those teams. The Hitmen are really impressing me through their first 3 games. Their offense is going to be very tough for anyone to match up with. Their defense will bend but can make plays when they need to. They give a lot of different looks, which the Shock might have trouble with. After watching how bad they struggled with the Cyclones, I could see this game going the same way. Shock had a great bounce back win after being held scoreless against the Cyclones. Running backs Cody Lamoeaux and Andre Chollette really have been solid, helping carry the offense with a new quarterback stepping in. They will really need a productive game from these two this weekend against a very good front. The Hitmen look a little better on the back end and their secondary should have chances to make plays this weekend. The Shock had no answer to the Cyclones WR core, and I don’t think they will be able to match up with the Hitmen either. Beyond Flemming, they have a slew of playmakers that can light teams up when they need to. Beyond the records, this doesn’t seem to fair well for the Shock.

Hitmen 51 – Shock 27

Mr. Predictor: The Hitmen are rolling and the Shock bounced back. Both are deep play-off teams and both also seem to be missing that one guy to make them a championship team. In order for the Hitmen to stay unbeaten, the Ellis and Flemming connection needs to be perfect all game. The Shock falling to 3-2 is almost a certain at this point, but that isn’t a bad thing when they are losing to the #1 seed in a close battle.

Hitmen 54 – Shock 48

Mt Lions (3-0) VS Tomahawks (4-0)

Gabe Logan: This has been one of the league’s best rivalries as of late. The Tomahawks will travel to Dubois where they have not played since a 2015 conference championship loss in heart breaking fashion. Dubois went on to be the league champion that season. The Tomahawks most likely have not forgot this and are going to Dubois to face the Mt Lions in a game that has huge Mountain implications. The loser will most likely finish as the 2nd seed and winner as the 1st. I can bet most of the league will be tuning into this game, knowing the caliber of these games in recent history. QB Lashawn Brown struggled heavily against the Phantoms and will need to be on point as they play a Dubois team that has been a league leader in turnover differential. They are built to run the ball and grind out games. Dubois will need to be physical up front, with Paul Bullers manning the defense while being the monster he is inside. They will also need production from the QB position which has been a committee effort to this point. Servidea, Bish and Marshall have all taken reps and each have a very different play style. The Tomahawk defense will have to game plan for all 3 at this point, especially Marshall who should know this matchup better than anyone. It’s going to be a war, but in the end, the Tomahawks offense will be too much.

Tomahawks 35 – Mt Lions 27

Mr. Predictor: Your #1 seed Mt. Lions host the streaking #3 seed Tomahawks in what will be an all-around battle that could be determined at just one position of the game. Dubois lacks explosive offense, so that alone could give the Tomahawks a slight advantage this week. But, on the other hand, the Tomahawks haven’t found the explosive run game they’ve had in previous years. If Dubois’s secondary can shut down the Killer B’s, then they will pull away and prove why they are the true #1 seed in the Mountain. However, we all know how B’s are, once you piss off one, the others strike harder and over 1300 yards of total offense between the three can sting pretty bad. I see the Tomahawks using a different play style this week and I see them traveling to get yet another win on the road as they beat Dubois in a thriller.

Tomahawks 48 – Mt. Lions 36

Wildcats (0-3) VS Braves (1-2)

Gabe Logan: This weekend features two great match-ups in the Mountain Conference. After a wild west shoot out of upsets, battles, and great games, the Mountain 3 and 4 seeds are still completely up for grabs. The Wildcats and Braves are now set to battle after their postponed week 1 match-up. The Wildcats lost another heart breaker to the Flash last weekend as their defense continues to struggle. The Braves on the other hand went into a match up with a highly-favored Vikings team and came out on top. I’m excited for this Braves team as they are a scrappy team full of fight, and are now looking to bounce back and look ahead as a potential playoff contender.

What’s even more shocking is after the way last weekend played out, the Wildcats are still right in the mix and are borderline a win out from rebounding their entire season. I’m not sure if this is a credit to how much more competitive the league has got, or how weak the Mountain is this season. It’s hard to pick against the Braves in this match-up. They just grind and do what it takes to make things happen when it looks like all odds are against them. Their defense causes turnovers and their special teams is low key one of the better, more aggressive units in the league. The Wildcats have as much fire power offensively as any team, but if they struggle at this point, their defense will not keep them in the game. Giving up 155 points through their first 3 games is unacceptable. But like every week, we got to go out there and play the game.

Braves 29 – Wildcats 27

Phantoms (1-2) VS Vikings (1-2)

Gabe Logan: With a slated 7pm kickoff, this is the prime-time match-up of the week. There is some bad blood here between these two teams, as Thor’s Vikings are looking to rebound from last week’s loss and put Boosie’s Phantoms on notice. The Phantoms have loaded up on their D line and it showed last week. Jorden Stout and Dylan Watts were dominant last weekend and will continue to get better as the season rolls along. The Phantoms offense will be set to explode with Stout helping to expand the run game for the Phantoms. We will see if the Phantoms defense will bounce back against the Vikings, who struggled offensively against the Braves. Its going to be another close game here. Even with intel from Lian Xing, I’m having trouble deciding the winner of this game.

Phantoms 19 – Vikings 12

Mt Lions (2-0) VS Maniacs (1-0)

Gabe Logan: Going into week 4, we have a lot of exciting games. Unfortunately for the Maniacs, I don’t think this will be one of them. After struggling with the Vikings, Dubois woke up and dismantled a hopeful Jaguars team showing a lot of promise after their first 2 games. The defense pitched a shutout on their way to a 50 – 0 win over a team that is going to be in the playoff hunt this season. The Maniacs had a strong showing last weekend in their opening game which surprised a lot of people. This Maniacs team is a lot better than people are giving them credit for. But it’s a huge step in their second week of GEFA action to expect a win against the Mt Lions. If anything, this game will prove to be a building block for the young Maniacs team looking to find footing in a Mountain conference that has a lot of teams showing they are for real, early in the season. I just don’t think Dubois lets off the gas pedal from last weekend and really hammers home the point that they are a top tier team.

Mt Lions 46 – Maniacs 13

Mr. Predictor: Those feisty Maniacs were able to pick up a close win last week while the Mt. Lions proved to be once again a powerhouse in this league by pitching a shutout. This week, the Maniacs have to truly test themselves as they travel to Dubois to face the potential #1 seed, the Mt. Lions. I don’t foresee this being a close game due to how poor the Maniacs looked and how strong Dubois looked last week. The mercy rule will be in effect this week as Justin Marshall and the Mt. Lions will be maniacs on the field and roll over Benton.

Dubois 58 – Maniacs 6

Braves (0-2) VS Vikings (1-1)

Gabe Logan: The Braves are locked to take on the Vikings coming off their first win last weekend against the flash. Another tough fought game by the Vikings who are looking very impressive on both sides of the ball. QB Shane Scott has been accurate and has been able to move the ball down field, utilizing two big, physical WR’s on the outsides. Vikings run game has looked solid as well, giving them balance. They are a good team that will present a lot of matchup problems to teams that are a one-dimensional defense. Tri-Town is really struggling to get its first win. Run game has not flourished like they had hopes and the pass game is under constant pressure. Defensively they have made plays, but it’s been too little to balance out the offensive struggles. Vikings have been prone to some turnovers, giving the ball away 5 times to the Flash last weekend. Week 1 against the Shock, the Braves caused a few turnovers at crucial times that kept that game close into the 3rd quarter. I think the Braves season is far from over and they will be up for the challenge this week. But like last weekend, the Vikings overcome some costly turnovers and hand the Braves another L.

Vikings 29 – Braves 26

Mr. Predictor: The Braves looked pretty sloppy last week as the Tomahawk defense was too much for Donald Warner and the Braves. I don’t see his luck changing this week as they travel to face the potential #2 seed, the Vikings. The Vikings are a team that had a fluke loss against the Mt. Lions and a very convincing loss over the Flash. The Braves are going to struggle at shutting down Shane Scott and his receivers while the offense will struggle at containing Jenkins. Vikings route the Braves this week.

Vikings 48 – Braves 16

Wildcats (0-2) VS Flash (0-2)

Gabe Logan: At this point in the season, both team’s records are 0-2. I think this speaks to the raised level of play in the Mountain conference from last season. Wildcats were many peoples pick to be a strong contender in the Mountain and the Flash were a playoff team last year. I feel like both teams got better but so did the rest of the conference. At this point, both teams need to win this game. And like usual, the Flash and Wildcats games always have playoff implications. The Wildcats bolster an explosive offense that has been putting up points, but the defense currently ranks as the 3rd worst defense in the league, giving up 103 points the past two games. The offense is averaging almost 30 points a game and they are still losing. The Flash dropped another tough game to the Vikings, but overall as a team look fundamentally better than last season. Their pass rush is again one of the top units in the entire league, the running game looks solid, and their defense is putting them in positions to win games. This is a very tough game to call because on paper they stack up very evenly. But what is certain, the loser of this game will have an almost insurmountable climb back into the Mountain playoff picture after dropping to 0-3. If the Flash offense can make plays, this is their week to light up the scoreboard. We will see them get back on track with a win.

Flash 33 – Wildcats 28

Mr. Predictor: The 0-2 Flash travel to face the sub-par 0-2 Wildcats. I have a feeling this will be an offensive game that comes down to the wire. Andrew Shaffer has 318 yards passing while Matt Mazzarra has 225 yards so this should be a pass heavy game with limited run gain from Dodson on the Flash. If the Flash can contain the hook up of Shaffer and Warner then I see the Flash getting their first win of the season. However; like I said, this will be an offensive game and the home team will come out on top.

Wildcats 42 – Flash 38

Jaguars (1-2) VS Outlaws (0-2)

Gabe Logan: This could be one of the better matchups of week 4. The Outlaws and Jags are set to play out of conference and it should be a good test for both squads. The Jaguars were straight embarrassed last weekend. The defense gave up a pile of points and is now ranked dead last. If the Jags have playoff hopes, this issue needs to be addressed. They are playing an Outlaws team that can and will score points. That’s what makes this matchup interesting. The Outlaws are fighting hard every week but are just coming up short. Their defense is also struggling to hold teams late in games, which has been their short coming in their first two games. A lot of the game comes down to the health of Jaguars QB Blake Downer. Missing last week literally resulted in the offense coming to a halt. If he is back, we can expect this game to go a little more in the Jags favor.

Jags 45 – Outlaws 30

Mr. Predictor: The less dominant cat was shown last week as the Jags fell to the Mt. Lions without their star QB Blake Downer. They look to bounce back this week as they host the winless Outlaws. The Jaguars were my early playoff favorite going into this season but after last weeks thumping and the severity of Downers injury, my thoughts are quickly changing. We all know the Outlaws can put up points and we know what the offense of the Jags is like with Downer and we all saw last week what it’s like without him. In order for the Jags to win, Alvarez needs to step it up this week and make sure he’s open for Timko to hit him.

Jaguars 32 – Outlaws 28

Hitmen (2-0) VS Tigers (1-1)

Gabe Logan: The Hitmen come into week 4 looking stout on both sides of the ball. This is a team that will be a problem this year and the Tigers are about to find this out. Coming off a clutch victory, the Tigers are looking to build momentum to carry into this matchup. The Tigers will rely on their QB to make plays with his arm and legs as he will look to find weaknesses in the Hitmen defense. Unless there is a complete meltdown in the Hitmen secondary, I just don’t see this working out well for the Tigers this week. The Hitmen currently have the 3rd best scoring offense in the league, lead by the tandem of Brandon Ellis and Jermell Flemming. This week I expect nothing different. The Hitmen will score their points; it’s a matter of the Tigers being able to match this output offensively.

Hitmen 62 – Tigers 28

Mr. Predictor: This #1 seed and #3 seed matchup has potential to be a great match-up. Hitmen have scored 52 points in both of their games this season and the Tigers are 1-1 because of 1 point. It seems like Ellis and Flemming cannot be stopped no matter who the defense is. The Tigers will go in 1-1 but unfortunately they will come out 1-2. The Hitmen are just an all-around better team and this all-around better team will remain unbeaten.

Hitmen 58 – Tigers 24

Predators (1-1) VS Shock (2-1)

Gabe Logan: Valley conference is starting to unfold and the results have been very mixed. The Predators have looked very stout and their loss against the Cyclones was hard fought and they flashed at times showing that with time, this team is going to be able to compete at a high level this season. The Shock, after last weekend, I’m not sure how to write them up at this point. Their wins have come against opponents with a combined 0-5 record. Add in the loss of a top 5 QB in Josh Cragle for the season, this team could be in trouble. A win here could really put either team in the driver’s seat early this season for a playoff berth. The Shock need to compose themselves quick after being dismantled last weekend. Hopefully that’s a loss they learn from quickly. The Predators have a QB who has been solid the first month of the season, playmakers on the outsides that are going to quickly make a name for themselves, and a defense that has shown they are better than advertised. This is not a good mix for a Shock team that struggled heavily last weekend, and has shown some holes defensively that also need addressed. I’m taking the Predators here. This is going to be a tough team to beat as the season progresses and they continue to get better.

Predators 22 – Shock 19

Mr. Predictor: The Shock didn’t really shock us last week with the blowout loss to the Cyclones and I don’t really expect much from them this week either. The Predators are pretty steady offensively with a few shake ups on defense but I can see the Predators shocking the Shock and coming away with a victory. We hope to see the Shock bounce back from a tough week but it’s just not that likely, unfortunately.

Predators 24 – Shock 16

Phantoms (1-1) VS Tomahawks (3-0)

Gabe Logan: Phantoms are looking solid to this point, despite a loss last weekend to the Maniacs in the last seconds of that game. Coming in at .500, the Phantoms have spent the past week signing and bolstering their roster for the traveling Tomahawks. After a very convincing win last weekend, it looks like the Tomahawk defense is coming into form after allowing only 27 points the past two games. Starting a long road trip, the Tomahawks do not have room to slip up against any teams seeing as Dubois is matching them win for win. With the Jags losing last weekend, this is a chance for the Phantoms to establish themselves, but the odds are against them. QB Lashawn Brown and his offense have been out to make a point, scoring an average of 53 points a game in their first 3 games. Anchored by Jordan Bell and Timmy Beck, the Tomahawks have been too much for teams offensively. The Phantoms have to look to their secondary this week to make plays because they will have their work cut out for them. Up front, the Phantoms have brought back edge rusher Dylan Watts to help solidify the defensive line. We will see if he provides a spark to get after Brown, who is also one of the more mobile QB’s in the league. QB Boosie Simmons will need to be accurate often, as the Tomahawks have half a dozen players with interceptions on defense. It’s going to be an uphill battle for the Phantoms. At this stage in the season, they will fall short.

Tomahawks 51 – Phantoms 13

Mr. Predictor: The 3-0 Tomahawks travel to Columbia county to face the 1-1 Phantoms in what could be just a detour to their much anticipated week 5 matchup against Dubois. The Phantoms were only 1 point away from starting the season off 0-2 so don’t let that 1 win fool you. As the first 3 teams this year, they secondary for the Phantoms will struggle against the deadly passing/receiving tandem of the Killer B’s; Brown, Beck, & Bell. If the Phantoms come out and lockdown the passing game, then it could be a decent game as the Tomahawks as well as the Mountain conference leading rusher is Brown. Boosie Simmons needs to be a leader on and off the field this week if they stand a chance.

Tomahawks 58 – Phantoms 12

Comanche (1-1) VS Warriors (0-3)

Gabe Logan: The Comanche and Warriors are both 2nd year teams and are both fighting to stay alive in a competitive Valley conference. The Warriors have been bad. And it starts with their offense. They have been inconsistent, and after one game, switched QB’s to remedy the problem. It’s frustrating to watch their games, seeing that the talent and scheme are there, but they just cannot move the ball. At 0-3, the season isn’t over, but they drastically need to change things offensively to build something and put points up by any means necessary. The Comanche are on the verge of going 2-1 and that puts them in a position to make a push for a playoff spot. I don’t think this will be an easy win for the Comanche and I hope they don’t take the Warriors lightly. That’s why we play the game. But this game will go in their favor.

Comanche 32 – Warriors 17

Mr. Predictor: The Warriors definitely have the individual stats this year but they don’t have the stat that matters. Stockton seems to be a one man show for Wyoming Valley as they are 0-3 to start the season off. It’s going to be a good match this week to see if Tyler Deiter and the Comanche can stop Stocktons dual threat ability. The Comanche on the other hand has a win and also has a dual threat QB of their own in Dennis Odom. He’ll be the game changer this week and he will lead his team over the Warriors to make them the first 0-4 team of the 2017 season.

Comanche 38 – Warriors 14

Jaguars (1-1) VS Mt Lions (1-0)

Gabe Logan: This is a great year for the Mountain conference as it looks like the level of competition has drastically increased across the board. The Jaguars are a pleasant surprise after a week 1 battle against the Tomahawks and then beating a Wildcats team last weekend, which happened to be a lot of peoples pick to potentially host a playoff game this season. The Jags mean business and are going to continue to shock the league this week against Dubois, who was in a literal war with the Vikings to open their season. This could be a tricky matchup for Dubois. The Jags have proven they have an offense that can and will put up points. Mt Lions were no slouch in this aspect either, racking up almost 40 in their opener. Being a veteran team with a coaching staff that has been in tough games, Dubois will make good decisions and the changes needed to beat you when it counts. The Jaguars are locked and loaded for another tough game against another quality opponent.

Mt Lions 32 – Jaguars 30

Mr. Predictor: The Mt. Lions are traveling to face their feline rival, the Jaguars, this week in Jefferson County. Dubois has been pretty much an unstoppable force in this league with a combined record of 65-10 over 6 seasons including a championship in 2012. They squeezed by last week and won in a thriller 37-30. Their opponent this week might be a .500 team thus far but don’t let that fool you. Blake Downer has proved that he is a dual threat QB with 370 passing yards and 63 rushing yards. Dubois’s secondary will have their hands full with 3 of the top 5 receivers so far in the Mountain conference. Alvarez, Childs, and Bright have a total of 343 receiving yards between the 3. Will Dubois’ offense be able to keep up when the Mountain tackle leader, David Hul (15), is threatening them every play? I’m not going to call this an upset when I feel the Jags are going to the playoffs.

Jaguars 57 – Lions 35

Vikings (0-1) VS Flash (0-1)

Gabe Logan: Both teams played their first game last weekend and both teams fell short. The Vikings lost a nail biter to the Mt Lions and the Flash fell short against the Tomahawks. Vikings seem to be about that business after an offseason of changes and taking a Dubois team down to the wire. Their offense is clicking and the defense put them in a position to win that game. This is a team that looks to be full of fight and have rallied for 2017 with a purpose. I can’t write off the Flash by any means. Their front 3 defensively is outstanding with multiple sacks last Saturday. They are a physical team and have a rushing attack and a passing attack to keep teams guessing. This is another tough game to call, but for one of these teams, they will end up 0-2 and on the outside looking in for a playoff spot early in the season. This will be another close Mountain game.

Flash 28 – Vikings 22

Mr. Predictor: This week the Vikings are coming off of a very tough loss that will probably be in the back of their minds while prepping for a scrappy Flash team. The Vikings seem to have a pretty solid and well balanced team while the Flash seem to rely heavily on the rushing attack of Jon Dodson. With that being said, if the Vikings can contain Dodson and force them to pass the ball, I see this being a pretty competitive game coming down to the wire with the Vikings making a game changing play and coming out victorious to earn their first win of the 2017 season while sending the Flash back to State College 0-2.

Vikings 34 – Flash 30

Wildcats (0-1) VS Hitmen (1-0)

Gabe Logan: This is a game a lot of people in the league will be keeping an eye on. The past two seasons, these two teams have played each other out of conference, and the past two seasons they have been a part of some of the best games GEFA had to offer. Last year the Wildcats lost by a point to the Hitmen in route to the Hitmen finishing 9-1. This was a critical game for the Wildcats, as it was one that helped knock them out of the playoffs. Again this season, this is a critical game for the Wildcats who now need a win. Losing against the Jags was unseen by a lot of the league, and now the Wildcats have an uphill battle to rank themselves among the contenders in Mountain Conference. The Hitmen handled the Outlaws last week and in their 3rd year of GEFA action, they just continue to improve. QB Brandon Ellis and WR Jermell Flemming are becoming an elite duo. The Wildcats on the other hand are looking for the duo of Andrew Shaffer and Xavier Warner to strike early and often. Offenses will light it up this week for sure, with the Hitmen proving to be too much for a stingy Wildcat team looking for their first win.

Hitmen 49 – Wildcats 42

Mr. Predictor: The Hitmen are 1-0 behind the connection of Brandon Ellis and Jermell Flemming. Ellis has thrown for 183 yards while 107 of those yards came from the hands of Flemming. If the Wildcats can contain Ellis then I think they have a legitimate shot on beating the Hitmen. In just 1 game, the Wildcats defensive front has 8 sacks. Those sacks didn’t come on an easy QB and offensive line either. This Wildcat defense will be the game changer which is why I’m picking the Wildcats to beat the Hitmen in a shocker.

Wildcats 45 – Hitmen 28

Warriors (0-2) VS Tigers (0-1)

Gabe Logan: Warriors are having a rough outing to start their 2017, opening against two conference favorites. A lot can be said, but this is a Warriors team that was expected to push for a playoff spot this year and haven’t been able to live up to those expectations yet. The Tigers opener had a strong showing against the Phantoms in a game that could have went either way. Both teams need a win early in the season and this week only one will walk away without a loss. Notably, the Warriors have played two standout teams in the Shock and Cyclones. Where they fit into the Valley is still up for grabs. If they don’t win this week, that will probably set the tone for the rest of the season. This will be another difficult game. They really need to get their offense going and put together a more solid performance defensively. This Tigers team has shown they will come and play for 4 quarters.

Tigers 26 – Warriors 17

Mr. Predictor: The Warriors are off to a miserable start to the 2017 season by being outscored 93-19 in just 2 games. Unfortunately, I don’t see their luck changing anytime soon as they will be hosting the pissed off Tigers. Anytime a team loses by 1 point, they are fuming going into the next week. Jalen Stockton is going to come out throwing and do some scrambling to try and put the Warriors on his back for a W but I’m predicting he fails this week.

Tigers 34 – Warriors 6

Tomahawks (2-0) VS Braves (0-1)

Gabe Logan: The Tomahawks are coming off another solid offensive performance. Coming into this game against a Braves team that is hungry for their first win, this is not a game they can overlook. The Braves were in a ball game last week, regardless of the score, with their special teams and defense forcing turnovers and keeping their team in the game. The Braves now travel to Mifflin Count where they have not won a game since the 2014 season. Looking to bounce back from last week, they have a lot to build off and correct. To the Tomahawks credit, they really came out and set the record straight that they are still the top team in the Mountain with a pretty convincing win against a Flash team that will push for a playoff spot deep into the regular season. The Tomahawks defense is starting to catch up and looks to put together their best performance yet against the Braves at home. Coach Brian Rodgers is really looking for his team to make a statement, as they start the next part of their schedule on the road after this game.

Tomahawks 61 – Braves 16

Mr. Predictor: We don’t know too much about this Braves (0-1) team other than they have regrouped with some veterans over the off season, lost last week to the Shock 37-13, and have significantly declined in the last 3 years with a 2014 record of 8-2, 2015 record of 4-6, and a 2016 record of 2-8. Starting off the season 0-1 is tough, especially when your next game is against the 2-0 Tomahawks at their home field. Tomahawks look to improve to 3-0 behind the passing attack of Lashawn Brown with 376 passing yards this year averaging 188 per game. Tomahawks have a solid receiving core with Bell & Beck leading the way with 281 yards combined. The home team is beating their opponents 107-59 so far this season with a 53.5-29.5 per game average. I don’t see them slowing down this week either.

Tomahawks 55 – Braves 6

Comanche (0-1) VS Outlaws (0-1)

Gabe Logan: Both teams come into this grudge match looking to get their first win. Both teams were able to score points last week, but their defenses were not able to hold up their end… at all. Both teams gave up over 50 points, so there is no question this one will be on the offenses to light things up. A power struggle to not fall to 0-2 should be motivation. Looking ahead for both teams, their schedules do not get any easier. Both have matchups with the Cyclones yet. Outlaws will see the Tomahawks down the road and the Comanche are still due for a makeup game against Dubois. We will see when pushed to the limit which team will have the ability to make plays defensively to get off the field. This is the trickiest of matchups to pick this week. But I will give the nod to them Outlaws.

Outlaws 49 – Comanche 35

Mr. Predictor: Going into this week both teams are 0-1 and both teams gave up 50+ points in their home opener while both put up 25+ on offense. We know both teams can put up points and both can give up points as well. The Comanche definitely have more of a threat on offense than the Outlaws do as it seems that Jarvis Cummings is a one man show in Lancaster. Dennis Odom will be the game changer this weekend. If the Outlaws can contain him and cause him to panic then I can see them pulling away with a W. However, I don’t see that happening so I’m going with the Comanche in a close one.

Comanche 31 – Outlaws 29

Cyclones (2-0) VS Shock (2-0)

Gabe Logan: Candidate for an early game of the year here on deck, as Mt Joy and the Shock prepare to put their unbeaten records on the line. Shock and Cyclones have both readily handled their opponents to this point. Both have played and dismantled the Warriors and both teams look to have championship aspirations this year. The Cyclone defense is going to be a key in this matchup. They have been stifling to this point, allowing only 27 points in two games. The Shock have also been on point, allowing only 18 points. Both teams feature standout offenses with Greg Medina and Josh Cragle going into a shootout here this weekend. Medina has been dominant and I don’t see that changing this weekend. His ability to make plays with his arm and legs is unparalleled and almost impossible to prepare for. The Shock defense has not seen a WR core with the amount of talent Mt Joy has either. Tight end Matt Tavarez has been clutch and often goes over looked for his offensive contributions. On the flip side, the Shock have converted one time QB, Brock Mitchell, into a 6’6” threat that could really keep this match up interesting. I can’t pick against the champs yet. The Shock will come and play and show they belong with the title contenders in the league. But the champs are too much to handle.

Cyclones 30 – Shock 21

Mr. Predictor: Could this matchup be the game of the week or will the Cyclones continue their dominance and make this game unwatchable by halftime? Lets look at some numbers. Both teams are 2-0 thus far with Cyclones outscoring their opponents 98-27 and the Shock outscoring theirs 76-19. The Cylones definitely have the better margins. One of the Cyclones opponents so far has a win. The Shocks opponents so far are 0-3. So I have to give the Cyclones the strength of schedule between the two. I see the Shock putting up a fight early on but I don’t see them containing the dual threat nightmare in Greg Medina. This will be a team win for the Cyclones.

Cyclones 58 – Shock 18

Phantoms (1-0) VS Maniacs (0-0)

Gabe Logan: Phantoms are looking to go 2-0 against the Maniacs who have yet to touch the field. This should be a good test to gauge where the Maniacs stand in the league. The Phantoms did what they needed to do and got a good opening day win. They have a chance to go 2-0 in what will be a crowded playoff picture soon with the Jaguars chalking up a win last weekend. If the Maniacs were to win this game, that would send shock waves across the league. Phantoms will present a good test and we will see how the Maniacs respond.

Phantoms 22 – Maniacs 6

Mr. Predictor: This is essentially the first game for the Maniacs that reside in Benton which isn’t a good thing. The Phantoms barely got the win last week behind the play of Boosie Simmons and the defense so this is going to be a tough call. I don’t see the Maniacs being up to the game speed that the Phantoms are going to bring but I’m predicting they will get their act together by the 4th quarter.

Maniacs 27 – Phantoms 25

Vikings (0-0) VS Mt Lions (0-0)

After a snowstorm hit central PA, both the Vikings and Mt Lions will enter week 2 playing their first games of the season. This is a huge game for the Vikings against an established championship level team in Dubois. A lot is riding on this game for the Vikings. They are looking to prove their program is on level to make a playoff run and this game shows the league if all the hype behind their offseason was worth the wait. The Vikings have overhauled their roster with free agent GEFA talent, along with a well scouted group of rookies that should all come in and contribute immediately for the Vikings in all phases. They will play a stout Dubois team that will bring physical play upfront, along with a lot of experience on all levels of the team. I can expect the Mountain Lions to take advantage of running behind the #2 rated offensive lineman from last season with one of the league’s most dominating rushing attacks. I don’t think Dubois will need to score a lot of points to secure this victory, that isn’t their style, but they will grind this game out establishing that they are still a top dog in the league.

Mt Lions 33 – Vikings 12

Tigers (0-0) VS Phantoms (0-0)

Another set of teams playing their first game in week 2. I was hoping to have a lot to say here, but without much intel, this could be a very tricky matchup to pick. Tigers come under the radar after an offseason of controversy. Overcoming some internal conflicts, the Tigers will take the field to kick off their season against a Phantoms team that might shock some people. This is a very well put together team and can benefit with a confidence boost over a Tigers franchise in disarray. The Phantoms are a team looking to make playoffs, which the team missed for the first-time last season. Bringing in some young play makers, this is a squad that can sneak up on a lot of teams overlooking them. The Tigers on the other hand are going to be limping into this matchup and hopefully make it to the end of the season. I will Gabe Logan roll past all the shots fired here and give this one to the Phantoms.

Phantoms 28 – Tigers 12

Wildcats (0-0) VS Jaguars (0-1)

As predicted last week, the Jaguar’s came out and beat on the Tomahawks for four quarters, losing the game against the current Mountain Conference champions. What I didn’t predict is the offensive scoring ability of this team. This puts me in a tough spot here with this matchup as the Wildcats will open the season with the Jaguars. Wildcats are coming off the hype train behind one of the league’s top offense’s last year. But will that be enough to deal with a Jag’s team that has put points up on what was thought to be one of the league’s top defensive units? We may be in store for a shoot out here, but the Jaguars do have a game under their belts to correct some week 1 mistakes. The Wildcats do not. But the Wildcats do have the luxury of having an extended week now to prepare for this game. It will come down to mistakes and who can take care of the ball or cause more turnovers.  The Jaguars have shown they can be a tough team to deal with, and the Wildcats will see that in full effect.

Jaguars 38 – Wildcats 34

Warriors (0-1) VS Cyclones (1-0)

Seems out of place here, but both teams come into week 2 after a week 1 game. The Cyclones took care of the Predators week 1, looking stout on both sides of the ball. The Warriors had a showdown with a tough Shock team that did not go in their favor. It’s a tough task for the Warriors, but being on the verge of 0-2 is really going to hamper their playoff hopes already. Hosting the Cyclones will be a very difficult task for the Warriors, who admittedly underperformed week 1. At this level of play, that will get you beat on in this league. The Warriors have a good team and should rally this week to put together a much better effort against a Cyclone team looking to go to 2-0. Greg Medina was sharp in the elements week 1 and his defense held the Predators to 14 points. I’m hoping not to see a repeat of the last time these two teams met.

Cyclones 50 – Warriors 12

Outlaws (0-0) VS Hitmen (0-0)

This could be one of the better games early this season. A rebuilt Outlaws team looking to fight its way to the playoffs this season and they open week 2 with the Hitmen who are looking to take the next steps in being a championship level team. Both teams have firepower on the offensive side of the ball, which leads me to believe this game will come down to Defense. Hitmen have a stout group across the board. Linebacker Stephen Walker is a difference maker and enforcer in the middle. The Outlaws might be able to put up points, but it’s their defense and special teams that will be the concern. The Hitmen do not drop the ball at any phase of the game and can score with anyone in the league. The Hitmen are too solid opening the season for the Outlaws to overcome.

Hitmen 30 – Outlaws 21

Flash (0-0) VS Tomahawks (1-0)

This is another interesting matchup. The Flash are fresh off a playoff season birth and open against the Tomahawks who were in a dog fight week 1. This can be viewed a few different ways, but the Tomahawks came out with the win. Even with sloppy field conditions, QB Lashawn Brown lit up the scoreboard to the tune of 60 points. The Tomahawk defense, on the other hand, looked out of sorts at times, letting the Jaguars move the ball almost at will. With the Flash opening at home, we will see what type of game plan they have for Mifflin County. With returning QB Matt Mazzarra and RB Jon Dodson, the Flash offense needs to get off to a quick start. Both were a part of the 2015 Flash that had one of the league’s top rushing attacks. We will see if the Tomahawks fix their mistakes to get ready to tackle a team that leans on its run game heavily to wear you down. The Flash will look to try and stop the Tomahawk offense, which was in full effect week 1 scoring about every way imaginable. It’s going to be a short trip for the Tomahawks over Seven Mountains and it looks like it’s going to be a longer ride home.

Flash 42 – Tomahawks 40

Shock (1-0) VS Braves (0-0)

The Shock are coming off a convincing win over the Warriors in week 1. The defense and offense seemed to be clicking, with new players making impacts already. The Braves were a victim of the bad weather and did not play last weekend. Opening their season out of conference is a great opportunity to see if the Braves are ready to enter a tough Mountain Conference where they have not seen the playoffs in a few seasons. Reloading across the board, the Braves always fight hard, but just did not have the talent last season to match up with teams at the skill positions. QB Josh Cragle threw for 5 TDs week 1, lighting up the Warriors secondary often. The Braves should fare better bringing Jeremy Sweeting to rejoin Mike Ditzler on the Braves defense. Both players are excellent open field tacklers and excel in coverage. Braves run game should also see drastic improvement as well as boosting a stable of runners. The Shock also have a solid group in the backfield that should take some of the stress off Cragle Saturday. The Shock are the favorites here in this matchup, but it’s hard to sleep on the Braves. This will be closer than week 1 for the Shock, but they still have the talent to overcome a hardnosed Tri-Town squad.

Shock 40 – Braves 19

Comanche (0-0) VS Predators (0-1)

A very critical, early Valley matchup for both teams. The Comanche will open their season against the 0-1 Predators. After losing week 1, the Predators are almost in a must win game here with a Comanche team that will be chasing a playoff spot this season. The Predators took an L week 1, but fought hard against the Cyclones. They have some talent on the outsides and QB Mike Bubeck stayed composed while under pressure all game. With a week to fix these week 1 mistakes, the Predators should be able to bounce back and put together a solid performance against a Comanche team that has reloaded with talent for year 2. I drastically under estimated the Predators going into week 1 and I won’t make that mistake again. This is going to be a tough squad if they can overcome a tough week 1 loss. The Comanche still have a chance to take this, but it’s going to be a challenge.

Predators 22 – Comanche 19

Good luck to everyone week 2!

Until next time,
Gabe Logan

Wildcats (0-0) VS Braves (0-0)

Mr. Savage

The Williamsport Wildcats finished last season with a 5-5 record and feel that they can turn things around this season, starting with a home opener, which can be that spark they need. Then on the other side, the Braves ended last season with a 2-8 record and would like nothing more than to start the season with a win and move the team in the right direction. I got this game being a little closer than many may think. 

Mr. Savage: 42-28 Wildcats

Gabe Logan

One of the leagues oldest and most prestigious rivalry’s up until recent years, the Wildcats and Braves open week 1 in Tri-Town. Williamsport has gone through some changes over the past two years and the ownership seems to have settled in with a staff and a core that are turning them back into a championship level team. Williamsport brought back one of the leagues oldest vet’s in Andrew Shaffer, who helped the Wildcats light up teams on the scoreboard with Xavier Warner establishing himself as a threat on the outside. Williamsport will need to step up defensively to help their offense, which was most of their downfall last season.

Week 1 they should be able to do this against a Braves team looking to reestablish their identity as a power running team. Braves historically have featured some of the best rushing attacks till recent memory. They have upgraded at the skill positions, but I’m not sure that will be enough to compete with the Wildcats, who potentially have one of the league’s best offensive units. This game should be closer than some people will think, with the Braves returning some old weapons of their own on both sides of the ball.

Gabe Logan: Wildcats 34 – Braves 20

Phantoms (0-0) VS Vikings (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Both teams had seasons last year that they would like to forget about. Moving forward, it is going to be interesting to see, especially for the Vikings since last season they were tasked with putting a team together in a short time. I am very excited to see what the Vikings did this offseason with time to make some moves. The Phantoms had their first losing season since joining the GEFA last year and are looking to get back to the playoffs. I believe this game comes down to the wire.

Mr. Savage: 35-27 Phantoms

Gabe Logan

These two teams won’t rank high on anyone’s preseason power rankings, but these two teams are better than people think. The Phantoms feature one of the best young linebacker groups in the league and looked to add to a young secondary which was exposed often last season. If the back end of the defense can develop, this can be a very good unit.

Vikings head coach Thor Marlow has done his due diligence and put together a team in a few weeks last season. Seeing as he had an entire year to recruit, build, and develop players, we will see if the Vikings are ready to take the step week 1 to become a playoff team. The Vikings offense and defense will feature a mix of rookie and veteran players. The Vikings have appeared to have won the offseason, but it is still not clear how this will transfer to the field. The one key in this matchup is the Phantoms QB, Boosie Simmons. If he can keep from turning the ball over, he is a very productive player in the pocket. The Vikings gave up 409 points last year. The Phantoms only scored 108. Both almost last in the league. I expect both teams to improve in those areas. The Vikings front 3 defensively can win or lose this game. Regardless of how many pickups the Vikings have got, I think the Phantoms come in better prepared.

Gabe Logan: Phantoms 28 – Vikings 6

Flash (0-0) VS Maniacs (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Flash are coming off a 7-3 season and had their season end to a playoff loss to the champions. The Flash are a team that you can put as a contender, I believe, again this season. The Benton Maniacs are a new team, but I see some talent from around the league has joined them and are looking to make a name for themselves. I think Benton gets a hard welcome to the league. 

Mr. Savage: 48-12 Flash

Gabe Logan

Probably the most foreign matchup of week 1, I know almost nothing of the Flash for 2017. I could say the same for the Maniacs, but they have been out working against other teams. Benton comes in following the many cursed, 1 year teams of the past few years. High hopes, but very poor performing seasons. Benton does have a veteran presence on the team which could help bring along the GEFA rookies and get them up to speed with the physical play and speed of the league. Shockingly, the Flash made the 4th seed for the Mountain conference last season and then vanished off the map, systematically making me question all aspects of the team at this point. Flash have been a very potent rushing team featuring the league’s top rusher in 2015 and a solid 2016 unit. Its honestly a very difficult game to pick, not really knowing how either team will pan out this season. The Flash are at home to open the season and we will see how well the Maniacs travel in their GEFA opener.

Gabe Logan: Flash 20 – Maniacs 0

Tigers (0-0) VS Outlaws (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Game of the week. This year I have the outlaws as my sleeper team. Why? It’s no secret that the Mustangs and Outlaws have teamed up to make a run in the GEFA. I think the Outlaws can make some noise in the league and it can start in a week 1 matchup with the Tigers. The Tigers finished last season with a 5-5 record, moved down to the Valley conference, and are looking to show everyone that they can stand with the Valley teams.

Mr. Savage: 21 – 12 Outlaws in a close one

Gabe Logan

Outlaws and Tigers are both teams looking to establish themselves in the Valley Conference. Outlaws have been a mid-level team for years and with some recent new additions and a more serious coach at the helm, this is a good chance for the Outlaws to show that they are on the way up. Boosting a solid offense, the Outlaws should put points up week 1. Defensively, they have had a few opportunities now to get things together against a Tigers team that has been in disarray the past few months. It’s mostly speculation at this point as to how ready the Tigers will be in a few weeks. Based off what I have seen, the Outlaws are a lot more solid of a pick to walk away with the win.

Gabe Logan: Outlaws 30 – Tigers 14

Hitmen (0-0) VS Spartans (0-0)

Mr. Savage

The Spartans were the Venom last season and maybe a name change can be a jump start to something good for the organization. The Hitmen finished their season last year with a 9-1 record and fell short in the playoffs. I believe the Hitmen will stand their ground again this season and come out firing week 1.

Mr. Savage: 56-7 Hitmen


Gabe Logan

The Hitmen have established themselves as a power house team and have the players and coaching staff to propel them to another great season. Finishing 9-1 last year and having a group of players featured in the GEFA top 10’s, this is a very talented team. QB Brandon Ellis was one of the league’s best passers last season with over 1500 yards passing and the Hitmen offense is loaded with weapons across the board. The Spartans, who are new comers, have a lot to think about when putting a defense on the field week 1.

There are a lot of unknowns at this point when it comes to the Spartans. It’s hard for me to fathom that the Spartans will have the tools needed to match up with the Hitmen for four quarters. The Spartans will most likely need to put up a lot of points, but then again, the Hitmen defense might be one of the fastest and most disciplined units in the GEFA. They have two linebackers that can go sideline to sideline and give a lot of different looks defensively which will give a lot of team’s trouble. This could be one of the more lopsided matchups in the first week of the 2017 season.

Gabe Logan: Hitmen 48 – Spartans 6

Shock (0-0) VS Warriors (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Last year the Warriors came to the GEFA and finished 4-6 as a first-year team in a tough conference that’s good. The Shock returned to the GEFA last year and proved they can be a top team in this league. I think both teams come out this season better than last year and week 1 is going to be a slugfest.

*Upset alert 
Mr. Savage: 28 — 24 Warriors


Gabe Logan

The Shock and Warriors are a very interesting matchup. Warriors are going into their 2nd season after falling short of the playoffs last season. The Shock reentered GEFA action and blew away expectations after a 7-3 season and a playoff berth. Shock are a definite contender now and have high hopes of hosting a playoff game this season. They have a high-flying offense with returning QB Josh Cragle and WR Tom Kolodzieski. They have added a few key pieces as well that give them plenty of playmakers on both sides of the ball.

The Warriors are a team looking to break away from the middle of the pack in the Valley Conference and establish themselves as a serious contender for the 2017 season. Returning most of their offensive and defensive units, its only expected that they come back better with a year under their belts. The Shock are deep on both sides of the ball and it’s hard to pick against them for this matchup. The Warriors are definitely going to be a solid team this season and will most likely push for a playoff spot. But they don’t have enough to contend with the Shock, yet.

Gabe Logan: Shock 45 – Warriors 30

Tomahawks (0-0) VS Jaguars (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Last year the Tomahawks went 9-1, running the Mountain conference, storming into the playoffs, but falling short in the championship. The Tomahawks can beat you with a running game or go deep to a very good wide receiver group. I personally think the Jaguars have the toughest challenge week 1 out of the new teams this season. This game will show them where they stand.

Mr. Savage: 62-7 Tomahawks

Gabe Logan

The Jaguars start their GEFA season going to one of the toughest places to play in the league. The new Jaguars need to be on point as they head to Mifflin County. The Tomahawks fell short in last year’s Keystone bowl and have high hopes of going into 2017 as a title contender. QB Lashawn Brown comes into the 2017 season after having one of the most prolific passing seasons in GEFA history. The Jaguars secondary is going to be challenged often. Jefferson County is a hardnosed football team. Their physical play might cause the Tomahawks some issues and if they can get a few turnovers or breakdowns on special teams, the Jag’s could make this a dog fight. Defensively, the Tomahawks play well but have shown they are susceptible to big plays. We will see if the Jags have the talent on the outside to make things happen down the field. This game has the chance to be our upset alert for week 1.

Gabe Logan: Tomahawks 29 – Jaguars 18

Comanche (0-0) VS Mt Lions (0-0)

Mr. Savage

This game here can be very interesting. The Comanche finished last season with a 3-7 record but have been very busy this offseason with new coaches and players. The Mt. Lions are always a top contender and a known powerhouse team in the GEFA, finishing last season with a 9-1 record. I have heard rumors of a few returning players for the Lions. I think this game will show the Comanche where they stand.

Mr. Savage: 48 — 28 Mt. Lions

Gabe Logan

The Comanche and Mt Lions both come into 2017 after a disappointing 2016 season. Comanche are coming into their second season with a reloaded roster, and a years’ worth experience to get themselves ready to make a run in the Valley conference. Dubois had what most teams would consider an outstanding season, but falling short of a championship is far below expectations for a team that has set the bar very high. The Comanche will be in for a very physical game as Dubois comes into the game with one of the league’s biggest fronts on both sides of the ball. The Comanche should be in the playoff hunt this season, but it’s hard to see them overcoming a matchup like Dubois week 1.

Gabe Logan: Mt Lions 34 – Comanche 18

Cyclones (0-0) VS Predators (0-0)

Mr. Savage

The Cyclones get to show that they are still the champions and want to put the league on notice in 2017. The Cyclones ran through everything in their way last season and showed they can beat anyone. The Predators ended with a 3-7 season after starting off 3-0. They look to get back to winning and getting back to the playoffs in 2017, but that run will have to wait for another time as the Cyclones run away with this one. Big, no opening weekend mistakes for the defending champs.

Mr. Savage: 72 — 28 Cyclones

Gabe Logan

The league champs come into week 1 against the Predators. Two teams on the opposite ends of the Valley spectrum at this point, I don’t expect this to be close. The Predators missed playoffs last year and limped to the end of the season with a handful of players to finish the season. Teams like the Shock and Hitmen have emerged and took over in the Valley where the Predators once were a very formidable team to deal with.

Losing some talent to other teams and retirement, it’s going to be interesting to see if the Predators can reestablish themselves in the Valley playoff hunt this season. The Cyclones are coming off a championship season and are set to repeat this season. Set with one of, if not the most talented roster ever in league history, it’s hard to say anyone can match up with this team at this point. The Predators have played the Cyclones more than just about any other team over the past 3 seasons and still have yet to put together any sort of game plan to slow down the Cyclone offense. It’s hard to justify this one not being the most lop sided game of week 1.

Gabe Logan: Cyclones 68 – Predators 12

Good luck to everyone week 1!

Until next time,
Mr. Savage and Gabe Logan