GEFA Weekly Predictions

Please remember that these predictions are meaningless, and are meant to be for entertainment purposes only. It looks like Mr. Predictor may have changed his name and it appears we have a tag team prediction for each game this year, which looks to give everyone two different views from what sounds like two very knowledgeable, well informed GEFA advocates. We will see if the name change allows for a better prediction record this year or if the new guy knows his stuff. Good luck to all teams this year!

Week 2Week 1

Vikings (0-0) VS Mt Lions (0-0)

After a snowstorm hit central PA, both the Vikings and Mt Lions will enter week 2 playing their first games of the season. This is a huge game for the Vikings against an established championship level team in Dubois. A lot is riding on this game for the Vikings. They are looking to prove their program is on level to make a playoff run and this game shows the league if all the hype behind their offseason was worth the wait. The Vikings have overhauled their roster with free agent GEFA talent, along with a well scouted group of rookies that should all come in and contribute immediately for the Vikings in all phases. They will play a stout Dubois team that will bring physical play upfront, along with a lot of experience on all levels of the team. I can expect the Mountain Lions to take advantage of running behind the #2 rated offensive lineman from last season with one of the league’s most dominating rushing attacks. I don’t think Dubois will need to score a lot of points to secure this victory, that isn’t their style, but they will grind this game out establishing that they are still a top dog in the league.

Mt Lions 33 – Vikings 12

Tigers (0-0) VS Phantoms (0-0)

Another set of teams playing their first game in week 2. I was hoping to have a lot to say here, but without much intel, this could be a very tricky matchup to pick. Tigers come under the radar after an offseason of controversy. Overcoming some internal conflicts, the Tigers will take the field to kick off their season against a Phantoms team that might shock some people. This is a very well put together team and can benefit with a confidence boost over a Tigers franchise in disarray. The Phantoms are a team looking to make playoffs, which the team missed for the first-time last season. Bringing in some young play makers, this is a squad that can sneak up on a lot of teams overlooking them. The Tigers on the other hand are going to be limping into this matchup and hopefully make it to the end of the season. I will Gabe Logan roll past all the shots fired here and give this one to the Phantoms.

Phantoms 28 – Tigers 12

Wildcats (0-0) VS Jaguars (0-1)

As predicted last week, the Jaguar’s came out and beat on the Tomahawks for four quarters, losing the game against the current Mountain Conference champions. What I didn’t predict is the offensive scoring ability of this team. This puts me in a tough spot here with this matchup as the Wildcats will open the season with the Jaguars. Wildcats are coming off the hype train behind one of the league’s top offense’s last year. But will that be enough to deal with a Jag’s team that has put points up on what was thought to be one of the league’s top defensive units? We may be in store for a shoot out here, but the Jaguars do have a game under their belts to correct some week 1 mistakes. The Wildcats do not. But the Wildcats do have the luxury of having an extended week now to prepare for this game. It will come down to mistakes and who can take care of the ball or cause more turnovers.  The Jaguars have shown they can be a tough team to deal with, and the Wildcats will see that in full effect.

Jaguars 38 – Wildcats 34

Warriors (0-1) VS Cyclones (1-0)

Seems out of place here, but both teams come into week 2 after a week 1 game. The Cyclones took care of the Predators week 1, looking stout on both sides of the ball. The Warriors had a showdown with a tough Shock team that did not go in their favor. It’s a tough task for the Warriors, but being on the verge of 0-2 is really going to hamper their playoff hopes already. Hosting the Cyclones will be a very difficult task for the Warriors, who admittedly underperformed week 1. At this level of play, that will get you beat on in this league. The Warriors have a good team and should rally this week to put together a much better effort against a Cyclone team looking to go to 2-0. Greg Medina was sharp in the elements week 1 and his defense held the Predators to 14 points. I’m hoping not to see a repeat of the last time these two teams met.

Cyclones 50 – Warriors 12

Outlaws (0-0) VS Hitmen (0-0)

This could be one of the better games early this season. A rebuilt Outlaws team looking to fight its way to the playoffs this season and they open week 2 with the Hitmen who are looking to take the next steps in being a championship level team. Both teams have firepower on the offensive side of the ball, which leads me to believe this game will come down to Defense. Hitmen have a stout group across the board. Linebacker Stephen Walker is a difference maker and enforcer in the middle. The Outlaws might be able to put up points, but it’s their defense and special teams that will be the concern. The Hitmen do not drop the ball at any phase of the game and can score with anyone in the league. The Hitmen are too solid opening the season for the Outlaws to overcome.

Hitmen 30 – Outlaws 21

Flash (0-0) VS Tomahawks (1-0)

This is another interesting matchup. The Flash are fresh off a playoff season birth and open against the Tomahawks who were in a dog fight week 1. This can be viewed a few different ways, but the Tomahawks came out with the win. Even with sloppy field conditions, QB Lashawn Brown lit up the scoreboard to the tune of 60 points. The Tomahawk defense, on the other hand, looked out of sorts at times, letting the Jaguars move the ball almost at will. With the Flash opening at home, we will see what type of game plan they have for Mifflin County. With returning QB Matt Mazzarra and RB Jon Dodson, the Flash offense needs to get off to a quick start. Both were a part of the 2015 Flash that had one of the league’s top rushing attacks. We will see if the Tomahawks fix their mistakes to get ready to tackle a team that leans on its run game heavily to wear you down. The Flash will look to try and stop the Tomahawk offense, which was in full effect week 1 scoring about every way imaginable. It’s going to be a short trip for the Tomahawks over Seven Mountains and it looks like it’s going to be a longer ride home.

Flash 42 – Tomahawks 40

Shock (1-0) VS Braves (0-0)

The Shock are coming off a convincing win over the Warriors in week 1. The defense and offense seemed to be clicking, with new players making impacts already. The Braves were a victim of the bad weather and did not play last weekend. Opening their season out of conference is a great opportunity to see if the Braves are ready to enter a tough Mountain Conference where they have not seen the playoffs in a few seasons. Reloading across the board, the Braves always fight hard, but just did not have the talent last season to match up with teams at the skill positions. QB Josh Cragle threw for 5 TDs week 1, lighting up the Warriors secondary often. The Braves should fare better bringing Jeremy Sweeting to rejoin Mike Ditzler on the Braves defense. Both players are excellent open field tacklers and excel in coverage. Braves run game should also see drastic improvement as well as boosting a stable of runners. The Shock also have a solid group in the backfield that should take some of the stress off Cragle Saturday. The Shock are the favorites here in this matchup, but it’s hard to sleep on the Braves. This will be closer than week 1 for the Shock, but they still have the talent to overcome a hardnosed Tri-Town squad.

Shock 40 – Braves 19

Comanche (0-0) VS Predators (0-1)

A very critical, early Valley matchup for both teams. The Comanche will open their season against the 0-1 Predators. After losing week 1, the Predators are almost in a must win game here with a Comanche team that will be chasing a playoff spot this season. The Predators took an L week 1, but fought hard against the Cyclones. They have some talent on the outsides and QB Mike Bubeck stayed composed while under pressure all game. With a week to fix these week 1 mistakes, the Predators should be able to bounce back and put together a solid performance against a Comanche team that has reloaded with talent for year 2. I drastically under estimated the Predators going into week 1 and I won’t make that mistake again. This is going to be a tough squad if they can overcome a tough week 1 loss. The Comanche still have a chance to take this, but it’s going to be a challenge.

Predators 22 – Comanche 19

Good luck to everyone week 2!

Until next time,
Gabe Logan

Wildcats (0-0) VS Braves (0-0)

Mr. Savage

The Williamsport Wildcats finished last season with a 5-5 record and feel that they can turn things around this season, starting with a home opener, which can be that spark they need. Then on the other side, the Braves ended last season with a 2-8 record and would like nothing more than to start the season with a win and move the team in the right direction. I got this game being a little closer than many may think. 

Mr. Savage: 42-28 Wildcats

Gabe Logan

One of the leagues oldest and most prestigious rivalry’s up until recent years, the Wildcats and Braves open week 1 in Tri-Town. Williamsport has gone through some changes over the past two years and the ownership seems to have settled in with a staff and a core that are turning them back into a championship level team. Williamsport brought back one of the leagues oldest vet’s in Andrew Shaffer, who helped the Wildcats light up teams on the scoreboard with Xavier Warner establishing himself as a threat on the outside. Williamsport will need to step up defensively to help their offense, which was most of their downfall last season.

Week 1 they should be able to do this against a Braves team looking to reestablish their identity as a power running team. Braves historically have featured some of the best rushing attacks till recent memory. They have upgraded at the skill positions, but I’m not sure that will be enough to compete with the Wildcats, who potentially have one of the league’s best offensive units. This game should be closer than some people will think, with the Braves returning some old weapons of their own on both sides of the ball.

Gabe Logan: Wildcats 34 – Braves 20

Phantoms (0-0) VS Vikings (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Both teams had seasons last year that they would like to forget about. Moving forward, it is going to be interesting to see, especially for the Vikings since last season they were tasked with putting a team together in a short time. I am very excited to see what the Vikings did this offseason with time to make some moves. The Phantoms had their first losing season since joining the GEFA last year and are looking to get back to the playoffs. I believe this game comes down to the wire.

Mr. Savage: 35-27 Phantoms

Gabe Logan

These two teams won’t rank high on anyone’s preseason power rankings, but these two teams are better than people think. The Phantoms feature one of the best young linebacker groups in the league and looked to add to a young secondary which was exposed often last season. If the back end of the defense can develop, this can be a very good unit.

Vikings head coach Thor Marlow has done his due diligence and put together a team in a few weeks last season. Seeing as he had an entire year to recruit, build, and develop players, we will see if the Vikings are ready to take the step week 1 to become a playoff team. The Vikings offense and defense will feature a mix of rookie and veteran players. The Vikings have appeared to have won the offseason, but it is still not clear how this will transfer to the field. The one key in this matchup is the Phantoms QB, Boosie Simmons. If he can keep from turning the ball over, he is a very productive player in the pocket. The Vikings gave up 409 points last year. The Phantoms only scored 108. Both almost last in the league. I expect both teams to improve in those areas. The Vikings front 3 defensively can win or lose this game. Regardless of how many pickups the Vikings have got, I think the Phantoms come in better prepared.

Gabe Logan: Phantoms 28 – Vikings 6

Flash (0-0) VS Maniacs (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Flash are coming off a 7-3 season and had their season end to a playoff loss to the champions. The Flash are a team that you can put as a contender, I believe, again this season. The Benton Maniacs are a new team, but I see some talent from around the league has joined them and are looking to make a name for themselves. I think Benton gets a hard welcome to the league. 

Mr. Savage: 48-12 Flash

Gabe Logan

Probably the most foreign matchup of week 1, I know almost nothing of the Flash for 2017. I could say the same for the Maniacs, but they have been out working against other teams. Benton comes in following the many cursed, 1 year teams of the past few years. High hopes, but very poor performing seasons. Benton does have a veteran presence on the team which could help bring along the GEFA rookies and get them up to speed with the physical play and speed of the league. Shockingly, the Flash made the 4th seed for the Mountain conference last season and then vanished off the map, systematically making me question all aspects of the team at this point. Flash have been a very potent rushing team featuring the league’s top rusher in 2015 and a solid 2016 unit. Its honestly a very difficult game to pick, not really knowing how either team will pan out this season. The Flash are at home to open the season and we will see how well the Maniacs travel in their GEFA opener.

Gabe Logan: Flash 20 – Maniacs 0

Tigers (0-0) VS Outlaws (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Game of the week. This year I have the outlaws as my sleeper team. Why? It’s no secret that the Mustangs and Outlaws have teamed up to make a run in the GEFA. I think the Outlaws can make some noise in the league and it can start in a week 1 matchup with the Tigers. The Tigers finished last season with a 5-5 record, moved down to the Valley conference, and are looking to show everyone that they can stand with the Valley teams.

Mr. Savage: 21 – 12 Outlaws in a close one

Gabe Logan

Outlaws and Tigers are both teams looking to establish themselves in the Valley Conference. Outlaws have been a mid-level team for years and with some recent new additions and a more serious coach at the helm, this is a good chance for the Outlaws to show that they are on the way up. Boosting a solid offense, the Outlaws should put points up week 1. Defensively, they have had a few opportunities now to get things together against a Tigers team that has been in disarray the past few months. It’s mostly speculation at this point as to how ready the Tigers will be in a few weeks. Based off what I have seen, the Outlaws are a lot more solid of a pick to walk away with the win.

Gabe Logan: Outlaws 30 – Tigers 14

Hitmen (0-0) VS Spartans (0-0)

Mr. Savage

The Spartans were the Venom last season and maybe a name change can be a jump start to something good for the organization. The Hitmen finished their season last year with a 9-1 record and fell short in the playoffs. I believe the Hitmen will stand their ground again this season and come out firing week 1.

Mr. Savage: 56-7 Hitmen


Gabe Logan

The Hitmen have established themselves as a power house team and have the players and coaching staff to propel them to another great season. Finishing 9-1 last year and having a group of players featured in the GEFA top 10’s, this is a very talented team. QB Brandon Ellis was one of the league’s best passers last season with over 1500 yards passing and the Hitmen offense is loaded with weapons across the board. The Spartans, who are new comers, have a lot to think about when putting a defense on the field week 1.

There are a lot of unknowns at this point when it comes to the Spartans. It’s hard for me to fathom that the Spartans will have the tools needed to match up with the Hitmen for four quarters. The Spartans will most likely need to put up a lot of points, but then again, the Hitmen defense might be one of the fastest and most disciplined units in the GEFA. They have two linebackers that can go sideline to sideline and give a lot of different looks defensively which will give a lot of team’s trouble. This could be one of the more lopsided matchups in the first week of the 2017 season.

Gabe Logan: Hitmen 48 – Spartans 6

Shock (0-0) VS Warriors (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Last year the Warriors came to the GEFA and finished 4-6 as a first-year team in a tough conference that’s good. The Shock returned to the GEFA last year and proved they can be a top team in this league. I think both teams come out this season better than last year and week 1 is going to be a slugfest.

*Upset alert 
Mr. Savage: 28 — 24 Warriors


Gabe Logan

The Shock and Warriors are a very interesting matchup. Warriors are going into their 2nd season after falling short of the playoffs last season. The Shock reentered GEFA action and blew away expectations after a 7-3 season and a playoff berth. Shock are a definite contender now and have high hopes of hosting a playoff game this season. They have a high-flying offense with returning QB Josh Cragle and WR Tom Kolodzieski. They have added a few key pieces as well that give them plenty of playmakers on both sides of the ball.

The Warriors are a team looking to break away from the middle of the pack in the Valley Conference and establish themselves as a serious contender for the 2017 season. Returning most of their offensive and defensive units, its only expected that they come back better with a year under their belts. The Shock are deep on both sides of the ball and it’s hard to pick against them for this matchup. The Warriors are definitely going to be a solid team this season and will most likely push for a playoff spot. But they don’t have enough to contend with the Shock, yet.

Gabe Logan: Shock 45 – Warriors 30

Tomahawks (0-0) VS Jaguars (0-0)

Mr. Savage

Last year the Tomahawks went 9-1, running the Mountain conference, storming into the playoffs, but falling short in the championship. The Tomahawks can beat you with a running game or go deep to a very good wide receiver group. I personally think the Jaguars have the toughest challenge week 1 out of the new teams this season. This game will show them where they stand.

Mr. Savage: 62-7 Tomahawks

Gabe Logan

The Jaguars start their GEFA season going to one of the toughest places to play in the league. The new Jaguars need to be on point as they head to Mifflin County. The Tomahawks fell short in last year’s Keystone bowl and have high hopes of going into 2017 as a title contender. QB Lashawn Brown comes into the 2017 season after having one of the most prolific passing seasons in GEFA history. The Jaguars secondary is going to be challenged often. Jefferson County is a hardnosed football team. Their physical play might cause the Tomahawks some issues and if they can get a few turnovers or breakdowns on special teams, the Jag’s could make this a dog fight. Defensively, the Tomahawks play well but have shown they are susceptible to big plays. We will see if the Jags have the talent on the outside to make things happen down the field. This game has the chance to be our upset alert for week 1.

Gabe Logan: Tomahawks 29 – Jaguars 18

Comanche (0-0) VS Mt Lions (0-0)

Mr. Savage

This game here can be very interesting. The Comanche finished last season with a 3-7 record but have been very busy this offseason with new coaches and players. The Mt. Lions are always a top contender and a known powerhouse team in the GEFA, finishing last season with a 9-1 record. I have heard rumors of a few returning players for the Lions. I think this game will show the Comanche where they stand.

Mr. Savage: 48 — 28 Mt. Lions

Gabe Logan

The Comanche and Mt Lions both come into 2017 after a disappointing 2016 season. Comanche are coming into their second season with a reloaded roster, and a years’ worth experience to get themselves ready to make a run in the Valley conference. Dubois had what most teams would consider an outstanding season, but falling short of a championship is far below expectations for a team that has set the bar very high. The Comanche will be in for a very physical game as Dubois comes into the game with one of the league’s biggest fronts on both sides of the ball. The Comanche should be in the playoff hunt this season, but it’s hard to see them overcoming a matchup like Dubois week 1.

Gabe Logan: Mt Lions 34 – Comanche 18

Cyclones (0-0) VS Predators (0-0)

Mr. Savage

The Cyclones get to show that they are still the champions and want to put the league on notice in 2017. The Cyclones ran through everything in their way last season and showed they can beat anyone. The Predators ended with a 3-7 season after starting off 3-0. They look to get back to winning and getting back to the playoffs in 2017, but that run will have to wait for another time as the Cyclones run away with this one. Big, no opening weekend mistakes for the defending champs.

Mr. Savage: 72 — 28 Cyclones

Gabe Logan

The league champs come into week 1 against the Predators. Two teams on the opposite ends of the Valley spectrum at this point, I don’t expect this to be close. The Predators missed playoffs last year and limped to the end of the season with a handful of players to finish the season. Teams like the Shock and Hitmen have emerged and took over in the Valley where the Predators once were a very formidable team to deal with.

Losing some talent to other teams and retirement, it’s going to be interesting to see if the Predators can reestablish themselves in the Valley playoff hunt this season. The Cyclones are coming off a championship season and are set to repeat this season. Set with one of, if not the most talented roster ever in league history, it’s hard to say anyone can match up with this team at this point. The Predators have played the Cyclones more than just about any other team over the past 3 seasons and still have yet to put together any sort of game plan to slow down the Cyclone offense. It’s hard to justify this one not being the most lop sided game of week 1.

Gabe Logan: Cyclones 68 – Predators 12

Good luck to everyone week 1!

Until next time,
Mr. Savage and Gabe Logan